Institutional Asset Management

"Because Markets never sleep."

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About Us

Matrix Capital is an independent asset management firm located in Balzers, Liechtenstein. We specialise in financial products, working with and for institutional clients.

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Target-oriented, efficient and reliable, we always remain focused in financial markets that are becoming increasingly complex.

Investment Funds

We specialise in investment funds. As an independent financial services provider, we support the sophisticated mandates of institutional clients such as banks, asset management firms, insurance companies, trustees, lawyers, wealthy private clients and family offices.

Structured Products

Professional asset management is about finding the right time frame to safeguard and increase capital. The use of structured products allows risk/return characteristics to be controlled closely and success to be achieved quickly on the market.

Matrix Capital in Numbers

Matrix Capital’s proven track record since 2008 is testament to the company’s consistent performance and ongoing success in managing numerous public investment funds.


Investment Funds


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