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Legal Information

Persons who access information published on the website of Matrix Capital Management Trust reg. (hereinafter referred to as “Matrix”) via the World Wide Web, or who obtain publications of Matrix containing financial analyses by any other means, hereby accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Linked web pages

Users must be aware that Matrix has no control whatsoever over any third-party web pages linked to or from Matrix web pages and therefore accepts no liability for the content of such web pages being correct, complete or legally valid or for the products and services offered on such web pages.

Matrix’s express, written permission must always be sought before including a link to a Matrix web page on any third-party web page.

No offer or recommendation

The information contained in the publications mentioned constitutes neither an invitation, nor offer nor a recommendation to buy or sell investment instruments or to enter into transactions of any kind. This applies in particular to persons domiciled in the USA or having US nationality. This information does not constitute any form of aid for the reader in making decisions. Please consult a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

The contents of the publications are not directed at or intended for persons subject to any jurisdiction that prohibits the publications or access to them (due to the nationality of the persons concerned, their domicile or any other reason). Persons who come into the possession of the above-mentioned publications must inform themselves about any possible restrictions and comply with them.

No warranty

Matrix does not accept any warranty for the accuracy, completeness or topicality of the information published on the website and in this publication. The content of the website may be amended at any time and without prior notice.

Matrix draws attention to the fact that the future performance of investments cannot be inferred from the price performance of the past. The value of an investment may rise or fall and in extreme cases may lead to the loss of the capital deployed. Furthermore, investments made in foreign currencies are subject to currency fluctuations.

Exclusion of liability

Matrix does not accept any liability for losses or damage of any nature whatsoever which could arise from the utilisation of or access to the website of Matrix. Any exploitation or utilisation of the published information is at the user’s own risk.

Matrix excludes all liability for losses or damage of any kind (both direct and indirect as well as consequential damage) arising from the use of this publication.

Where documents are published in any language other than German, the German text will be decisive in case of doubt.

Data security

When accessing the website of Matrix or when making contact with Matrix via electronic means, visitor data is essentially transported via an open network, which is freely accessible. Furthermore, data is transmitted internationally during communications. This also applies to data transmission performed between a sender and a recipient who are both located in the same country.

E-mail communications with Matrix are performed openly and without encryption. As a result, this means the confidentiality of communications made via the Internet is not always adequately guaranteed. Therefore, the possibility cannot be excluded that data sent by these means may be seen by third parties, or that contact may be established with our asset management company on the basis thereof. We therefore recommend that this medium not be used to transmit customer data or orders for business transactions.

Utilisation of the website

The entire content and structure of the website is protected by copyright. The downloading and temporary saving of one or more of the individual pages contained on this website is permitted for the purpose of inspecting these locally. Individual pages and/or sections of the website may be saved or printed out, insofar as neither the copyright notices nor other statutorily protected designations of Matrix are removed. All proprietary rights are retained by Matrix. The complete or partial reproduction, amendment, utilisation or further processing of all contents, charts and information is not permitted without the prior consent of Matrix.